Review: DogTV streaming service caters to pups, entertains humans

Oct 25

TL;DR: DogTV is a streaming service with content to enrich your pup's life, and it's available for $149.99 for a limited time. Here's our review.

Bringing a new dog into your family is an exciting but stressful time — common knowledge, but my husband and I saw it firsthand when we adopted our pup this summer. Wanting to do everything possible to help her acclimate to her forever home, we decided to check out DogTV, a streaming service that plays content designed for dogs around the clock. 

We opted for a lifetime subscription because the deal was too good to pass up: One $150 investment and you have this programming for the duration of DogTV's existence. Normally that would cost you somewhere around $840.

After redeeming our purchase and downloading the DogTV app on our smart TV, we started scrolling through various categories of pup content and found loads of fun programming to explore.

Why DogTV?

Dogs can face challenges in life, and this app features content that addresses various canine needs, like needing to remain calm so they don't destroy your house ... or needing to beat boredom so they don't destroy your house (we love them just the same though, don't we?). 

I dove deep into every section of the app. Here are some of the paw-some finds:

  • Easy-breezy interface: The app's a breeze! Scroll through to find what you want for your pet. 
  • Introductions: Clueless about DogTV? This section helps you get the most out of it. Discover how they tweak colors for canine vision and learn more about the music they use.
  • Featured shows: Right now, Farm Girl with Chrissy Joy is being featured. With all the cute animals, it's entertaining for both you and your pet, with plenty of human interaction as well.
  • Relaxing videos: This one's a lifesaver! Our four-legged family member is not a fan of being alone, and a lot of these dog relaxation videos are four hours long — perfect for when we are out to dinner. It may be too soon to tell, but we're hopeful as she gets used to our space she will pay more attention to the screen!
  • Stimulating content: You can keep their little minds ticking with this content. Watch dogs enjoy Snack Time, Pool Party, and many more, and let your pup have some virtual fun.
  • Exposure: Worried about your dog's fears? I like how this section is designed to help them get acquainted with those daunting sounds and sights. The vacuum, the doorbell — you name it.
  • Videos for sleeping: Doggie bedtime has never been so soothing. Let them drift off to dreamland with tranquil colors and music designed just for them.
  • Advice for owners: Tailored for us humans, get valuable tips from vets about your pup's behavior, from addressing separation anxiety to caring for senior dogs.

Additionally featured are Music for Dogs, DOGSTAR, and specific Tips & Tricks on various behavioral topics. All created to make your dog's TV time worthwhile.

Content just for you and your fur baby

DogTV isn’t just another streaming service. With content covering so many needs, I felt it could even bridge the gap between canine and human entertainment, since I personally enjoyed some of the content, too. I especially appreciated how they portray ideal dog behaviors, like the relaxation videos showing pups just unwinding, promoting the message, "Nothing to worry about here."

One of my favorite things about this purchase is that once you've grabbed this deal, it's yours. No recurring charges like all the rest of my streaming services. Pure, uninterrupted canine content.

Sally's still exploring her video options, but we're all set to make the most of our subscription. So, if you're in the market for some quality dog content, I highly recommend DogTV.

Get your lifetime DogTV subscription for $149.99 (reg. $838) while it's on sale.

Prices subject to change.

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