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TOUCHBeauty Trifecta
TOUCHBeauty Trifecta
TOUCHBeauty Trifecta
TOUCHBeauty Trifecta
TOUCHBeauty Trifecta
TOUCHBeauty Trifecta
TOUCHBeauty Trifecta
TOUCHBeauty Trifecta
TOUCHBeauty Trifecta

TOUCHBeauty Trifecta

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Tone, Contour, & Sculpt! This Complete Beauty Kit Comes with 3 Attachments to Boost Skin Health and Promote Firmness


Enhance facial contours and reveal your youthful glow with TOUCHBeauty Trifecta. This complete sculpting kit is specially designed with 3 attachments for 3 different treatments. The face rollers gently exercise muscles to firm, shape facial contours, and drain lymphatic fluids to restore your skin's plumpness and firmness. The eye & lip wands conduct microcurrents to smooth the appearance of fine lines and refresh your look, and the light therapy attachment delivers light waves deep into the skin. To give your skin the ultimate light therapy treatment, Trifecta features 4 different light therapy wavelengths: red, blue, yellow, and mixed lights. Trifecta is easy to use. Choose your favorite treatment and get ready to roll, glide, or shine.

  • Tones muscles & defines facial contours
  • Boosts collagen & firms the skin
  • Prevents premature skin aging
  • Reduces acne & prevents breakouts
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Effective & safe at-home treatment that easily fits into your skin care routine

How to Use

ROLL: Microcurrent Facial Roller Treatment
  1. Apply water-soluble gel on clean skin
  2. Slowly glide the rollers across your skin in upward lifting motions for a total of 6 minutes
GLIDE: Microcurrent Eye & Lip Treatment
  1. Apply water-soluble gel on clean skin
  2. Gently glide or apply light pressure around the eyes and lips for a total of 3 minutes
SHINE: Light Therapy Treatment
  1. Choose the light therapy wavelength you want to use
  2. Place the light therapy attachment in direct contact with you rskin over the area to be treated
  3. Move evenly across your face

What People Say About Trifecta

"To sum it up, especially in the days of COVID, my approach is to save your spa money and treat yourself at home with this amazing skincare device from Touch Beauty. For less than the price of a single medical spa treatment, you could have your own device and deliver your own do-it-yourself spa treatments from the comfort of home" – @barbiebeautybits

"Since using the LED Light Therapy Head, my skin looks brighter and more even. I think with long-term use, you’re going to see more and more benefits. I’m hopeful that with continued use, my skin tone will become more even and brighter. It’s very relaxing to use and brings that salon experience to the comfort of your own home" – @awomansconfidence



  • Color: white
  • Dimensions: 7.5"H x 3.6"L x 3.4"W
  • Attachments:
    • Microcurrent face rollers
    • Microcurrent eye & lip revitalizing wands
    • Multi-light therapy glow boost
  • Light therapy wavelengths: red, blue, yellow, mixed lights
  • Smart LCD screen
  • Adjustable microcurrent intensity level
  • Smart auto timer for precise treatment
  • Easy to use


  • TOUCHBeauty Trifecta
  • Manual
  • USB Cable


  • Ships to US
  • Expected Delivery: Jun 5 - Jun 9


  • Returns accepted within 30 days of shipment for orders within the Contiguous US.